Yoga with Kathy


Kathy is a fully certified Iyengar teacher with over thirty years of practice in the Iyengar method. She teaches Iyengar Yoga in Ardingly. Book your first class today! 



The Iyengar Method

The Iyengar method of yoga teaches accurate body alignment to develop strength, flexibility and stamina. Students progress to develop body awareness and sensitivity in a safe and structured way. 

Introductory classes are suitable for beginners of all ages, genders and levels of fitness and flexibility.



The Iyengar Certification Mark

All teachers of Iyengar yoga are trained to very high standards and fully insured. This Mark certifies that a teacher has completed at least three years of regular Iyengar yoga classes followed by two years’ teacher training, has successfully passed a rigorous assessment and continues professional development and training.

Classes are held at The Koorana Centre, Street Lane, Ardingly, RH17 6UB


Tel: Kathy 0779 6936754/01444 891454

Email: oaksiyengaryoga@gmail.com

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